NEW! Poemotu Boxes

Discover our exclusive category dedicated to the enchanting world of Tahiti. We are proud to offer our "Poemotu Boxes" specially designed to transport you to the tropical paradise of Polynesia. Our Poemotu Box are treasures in themselves, brimming with authenticity and the magic of Tahiti. Each box is an invitation to a sensory and visual journey, where the wonders of the Pacific islands are carefully selected for your utmost pleasure. Experience the gentle beauty of polished mother-of-pearl, sea jewels that evoke the shimmering reflections of Tahiti's turquoise lagoons. You will also encounter the captivating sent of moon, a traditional  beauty oil that captures the very essence of our paradise islands. This ingredients are meticulously integrated in our Poemotu Boxes to provide you with an immersive Tahitian experience, where each product tells a story of tradition, beauty and the soul of Polynesia. Our Poemotu Boxes are the perfect gift for yourself and for the people you cherish, whether to announce an event related to Polynesia like a teaser! The XXL satin pouch allow you to insert a plane ticket, for example, an engagement ring, and many other ideas to enhance your gift with our Poemotu Boxes!

So, dive in to the sunny and fragrant world of Tahiti with our Poemotu Boxes and let yourself be carried away by the magic of this paradise island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Welcome in the univers of Tahitian box!

BORA-BORA box Poemotu
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Discover our BORA-BORA box. We are proud to offer you this "Poemotu box",  specially designed to transport you to the tropical paradise of Polynesia.
Let yourself be carried away by sensory escape in luxurious packaging.