Women's Neck Chains

Discover our Exclusive Selection of Neck Chains for Women: the Perfect Setting for your Tahitian Pearl Pendant

At Poemotu, we are proud to present a collection of exquisite chains, specially designed to enhance our Tahitian Pearl pendants. Each chain, whether in 18k gold or 925 rhodium silver, has been carefully selected to perfectly complement the splendor and elegance of our Tahitian pearls.

18 Carat Gold : The ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication. Our 18K gold chains offer unparalleled shine and exceptional durability. Perfect for those looking for the timeless shine of gold, these chains are the ideal setting to highlight the mystical beauty of our Tahitian pearl pendants.

925 Rhodium silver : For a touch of modern elegance, discover our 925 rhodium silver chains. Rhodium plating increases the resistance of silver to oxidation, thus ensuring a lasting shine. The subtle brilliance of silver perfectly complements the unique lustre of our Tahitian pearls, creating a perfect visual harmony.

Whether you choose gold or silver, each chain is a tribute to the natural beauty and exceptional craftsmanship that characterize our Tahitian pearls. Designed for women who value elegance and quality, our chains add a touch of refinement to any set, turning every moment into a special occasion.

Invite the magic of the islands of Tahiti into your wardrobe with our selection of women’s chains, and let yourself be seduced by the timeless charm and captivating shine of our Tahitian pearl pendants.

fine chain Convict Mesh 18 carats gold Chain
send in 2 days
mesh chain forcat 1.3mm Yellow Gold 18K
for the pendants lighter
spring ring
forcat clear mesh
diameter of the chain of 1.30
40cm Version : 1.30mm forcat clear 40cm 0.56gr
42cm Version : 1.30mm forcat clear 42cm 0.58gr
45cm Version : 1.30mm forcat clear 45cm 0.62gr
18K yellow gold
42-45cm Convict Silver Chain
send in 3 working days
Discover our elegant chain in rhodium plated silver mesh forçat, the ideal companion to sublimate our pendants in Tahitian pearl. With an adjustable length of 42 cm or 45 cm, this chain adapts perfectly to every style and occasion, offering unparalleled versatility. Available in several diameters - 1.35mm, 1.50mm, 1.60mm, 1.85mm, and 2.20mm - it meets all your jewelry preferences and needs.
Further informations in the description and the DATA SHEET.
silver chain
send in 5 working days

length : 40cm, 45cm ou 50 centimètres
weight : 40cm (1,35gr), 45cm (1,50gr) et 50cm (1,70gr)
1,50mm Diameter Silver Chain
send in 3 working days
Discover our versatile chain in rhodium-plated silver forced mesh, specially designed for those seeking a perfect balance between solidity and discretion. With an optimal diameter of 1.50mm, this chain is available in a variety of lengths ranging from 40cm to 70cm, allowing you to choose the ideal size for every occasion and personal style.
Further informations in the description and the DATA SHEET.