Teahupo'o Tahitian Bracelet

Discover our exclusive collection of Teahupo'o Tahitian Bracelets at Poemotu, where the spirit of Tahiti's powerful waves merges with the unique luster of pearls. Inspired by the legendary wave of Teahupo'o and the Olympic surfing events of 2024, these bracelets embody strength, beauty and harmony.

Silicone & Tahitian Pearl : a colorful fusion

Our multicolored silicone bracelets are enhanced by a Tahitian Pearl, a symbol of elegance and rarity. Each bracelet celebrates diversity and natural beauty, offering exceptional comfort and unparalleled style.

Variety and harmony with freshwater Pearls

For those seeking a touch of gentleness, some of our Teahupo'o bracelets are set with a freshwater pearl. These variants offer a palette of subtle and shooting colors.

Color palette : a rainbow on your wrist

The Teahupo'o bracelets are available in an extensive range of silicone colors, offering unique customization freedom. Choose the color that resonates with your spirit or collect them to match every mood and occasion.

Why choose Teahupo'o tahitian bracelets?

A tribute to Teahupo'o : each bracelet celebrates the spirit of one the world's most iconic waves.

Comfort & style : the soft silicone ensures comfortable wear throughout the day, while the Tahitian  or freshwater pearl adds a touch of elegance.

Durability and quality : designed to stand the test of time, our bracelets are both durable and beautiful.

Versatility : perfect for surf enthusiasts, sea lovers, or simple those who appreciate the natural beauty of pearls.

Zéphyr - Engraved peacock Tahitian Pearl Men's bracelet
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Explore the elegant charm and timeless style with our black silicone men's sport bracelet, adorned with a drop-shaped blue Tahitian pearl. This unique jewel combines the modernity of silicone with the traditional splendor of the pearl, enhanced by a Maohi engraving that embodies the soul of Polynesian culture.
Elegant black silicone bracelet highlighting a peacock pearl of Tahiti, Maori engraving for an alliance of tradition and elegance. 
The essential information about this jewel in the description and the data sheet.
The photos are contractual and ensure you receive the Tahitian pearl bracelet engraving Maohi photos.
Blue Pink Tahitian Pearl Bracelet - 8.96mm
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Discover the khaki men's bracelet adorned with a real Tahitian pearl encircled of blue pink color with bright luster. With a precise diameter of 8.96mm, this rare pearl captures light, offering a bewitching play of reflections. This jewel combines elegance and originality, perfect for those looking for a unique man bracelet.
Every detail, from the intense color of the pearl to the subtle nuances of the bracelet, a real treasure on your wrist.
The photos are contractual and not retouched, they give you the real color of the pearl of Tahiti whose characteristics you will find in data sheet.
Peacock Tahitian Pearl Bracelet - 9.74mm - Black Rubber
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It is real Tahitian pearl unique mounted on a black rubber bracelet that we offer here.
You will notice its very bright luster and variety of color. If the cultured pearls comes directly from the pearl farms of French Polynesia, the pearl bracelet was mounted in our workshop in Nantes in the department of Loire-Atlantique.
Thanks to the many photos detailing all aspects of this Tahitian pearl bracelet, you buy it with confidence. 
All the characteristics of this Tahitian cultured pearl bracelet adapted to both women and men are to be consulted in the data sheet.
Big Tahitian Pearl Men's Bracelet - 14.04mm
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Incredible big Tahitian pearl of eggplant color and of diameter of 14.04mm mounted on a bracelet for man.
The surface quality of this Tahitian pearl is classified A according to the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), it therefore has some inclusions leavong a very bright luster and allowing you to acquire it at a very interesting price for this pearl grown for 12 years.
The pearl oyster has initially after 18 to 24 months, created a pearl that will be on average 9mm, then the grafter having removed the pearl produced, inserts a new core of the size of the pearl harvested in the gonad of the oyster, the operation will be renewed until you get this incredible Tahitian pearl with an impressive diameter!
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Teahupoo - Real Tahitian Pearl Sport Bracelet - Carmine Red
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Here is a rare Tahitian pearl! We at Poemotu are proud to offer you the rarest shades of Tahitian pearls! And what about this one, a bright carmine red color. Its surface quality classified A+ has some natural inclusions that does not detract from the brilliance of this rare pearl.
Adopt this unique Tahitian pearl bracelet and assert your singularity.
The photos show you this bracelet in authentic pearl of culture of Tahiti in its natural state, under the soft light of the sun.
To learn more about this Tahitian pearl bracelet, the data sheet below has been filled in with all its characteristics.
Tahitian Black Pearl Bracelet - Black Rubber
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Discover our bracelet in black pearl from Tahiti of 9.90 millimeters in diameter. The real Tahitian cultured pearl of black color will enchant you with its dark green reflections and its very brillant luster. With a diameter of nearly 10mm it will show itself on its most beautiful appearance on your wrist.
A dark and intense color due in part to the depth in the lagoon of pearl mother-of-pearl that made it grow.
The photos are contractual, which means that you receive exactly the bracelet presented.
For more information on this black pearl bracelet from Tahiti, see the data sheet below.
10,21mm Green Tahitian Pearl Sport Bracelet
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Discover the men bracelet with real Tahitian cultured pearl from Tahiti of 10,21mm. Robust and elegant it is suitable for all sportsmen who love elegance in all circumstances. The bracelet of a bright blue will mark your difference and show your love for Polynesia.
The contract photos show you the Tahitian pearl in its natural and authentic state.
Details on this Tahitian cultured pearl bracelet are to be discovered in the data sheet.
Real Tahitian Pearl Bracelet - 10.67mm - Black rubber
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The black rubber bracelet in real Tahitian cultured pearl gray green of 10.67mm of diameter is a mixed bracelet.
Tou can choose the length of the bracelet. The Tahitian pearl from the lagoon of Tahaa has a very thick mother-of-pearl controled according to the requirements of the control office of Papeete, only the Tahitian pearls of French Polynesia guarantee that the cultured pearls remain in their natural state after harvest.
The contractual photos of this pearl bracelet certify that you receive in all transparency the Tahitian pearl bracelet presented.
You can consult the characteristics of  this bracelet and its cultured pearl from Tahiti in the data sheet.
Chic black silicone bracelet featuring a stunning grey-green Tahitian pearl, a fusion of modernity and sophistication. 
Theo - Engraved Tahitian Pearl Men's Bracelet
On this line of sports Tahitian pearl man bracelet, we pay tribute to our famous wave of Teahupoo on the island of Tahiti by offering a sports bracelet that will accompany you in all your nautical activities. If the Olympic Games of 2024 honor themselves our famous wave Teahupoo by hosting the surf events, it is a few years ago that this model won the gold medal of the Tahitian pearl man bracelet. And how not to succumb to the blue peacock color of the Tahitian pearl of this unique bracelet. Under some angles it will appear blue, under others a powerful green. You can only be charmed and spend hours to admire it.
More info about this engraved pearl bracelet "Teahupoo" below, contract photos.
Teahupoo - Lagoon Tahitian Pearl Men Bracelet
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A black-colored silicone bracelet, enhanced by a lagoon blue green Tahitian pearl, blends casual style and with exotic elegance. 
If the pearl has grooves on its surface, its luster remains excellent. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to acquire this rare pearl of blue and green lagoon color that wil shine on your wrist. From the lagoon of Rikitea in the Gambier archipelago, she offers you a beautiful extract of the color of her lagoon of birth, the pearl oyster in wich she grew up can be proud of this real Tahitian pearl unique.
Find the details of this lagoon Tahitian pearl men bracelet in the data sheet.
The photos are contractual and taken in natural light.