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XXL Tahitian Pearls jewels

Years of careful cultivation are necessary to obtain Tahitian pearls gathered in the category Jewelry Pearls of Tahiti XXL.

Discover the rarities that we have sublimated into precious jewels.

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Because we like to make you happy, there is always a gift extracted from Polynesia in your package when you order on www.poemotu.com

Engraved Pearls

We offer selected Tahitian Pearls of 11 mm minimum engraved with very different reasons

by a professional Polynesian craftsman-engraver





and more ...

Single from French Polynesia

     100% French creation

                                                                                           LUXURY MADE IN TAHITI

NEW! Poemotu Boxes

Discover our exclusive category dedicated to the enchanting world of Tahiti. We are proud to offer our "Poemotu Boxes" specially designed to transport you to the tropical paradise of Polynesia. Our Poemotu Box are treasures in themselves, brimming with authenticity and the magic of Tahiti. Each box is an invitation to a sensory and visual journey, where the wonders of the Pacific islands are carefully selected for your utmost pleasure. Experience the gentle beauty of polished mother-of-pearl, sea jewels that evoke the shimmering reflections of Tahiti's turquoise lagoons. You will also encounter the captivating sent of moon, a traditional  beauty oil that captures the very essence of our paradise islands. This ingredients are meticulously integrated in our Poemotu Boxes to provide you with an immersive Tahitian experience, where each product tells a story of tradition, beauty and the soul of Polynesia. Our Poemotu Boxes are the perfect gift for yourself and for the people you cherish, whether to announce an event related to Polynesia like a teaser! The XXL satin pouch allow you to insert a plane ticket, for example, an engagement ring, and many other ideas to enhance your gift with our Poemotu Boxes!

So, dive in to the sunny and fragrant world of Tahiti with our Poemotu Boxes and let yourself be carried away by the magic of this paradise island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Welcome in the univers of Tahitian box!

Jewels by pearl color

Are you looking for a pearl color of Tahiti and this a priority in your search?

This jewels are offered as a unique piece and we also invite you to browse the generic sections of our collections, we always mount pearls of Tahiti with very beautiful lusters lusters minimum, here are proposed some pieces only of everything we offer and that you will find in their mother categories, in case of particular research do not hesitate to contact us.

You will find in this variations of the category jewelry by pearl color families of colors.

4 families bring together the more than 300 existing colors in the pearls of Tahiti

1-Peacocks, starting by the dominance green, the darker the shade, the more red the heart, the lighter the lighter the heart is pink.

2-The Pastels, from water bluet dredged green, through the mythical Pink Pacific Sunset, are soft shades, shiny and powderylusters that you will find here.

3-The Grey, from pearl gray to steel gray, the intensity and depth of this very extensive family of colors is a tribute of the first colors of the pearls of Tahiti at the beginning of its culture.

4-Les Vives, here Poemotu knows how to find bright and captivating rare pearls, pistachio green, lagoon blue, lemon and so many variations sublimated by the advanced technique of the grafters.

Islands treasures

A map of Tahiti, a shark tooth, a manta ray, a turtle, a tiki... All symbols that remind you of your stay in Polynesia or make you dream of staying there

Pearls for small fashionistas

we created this child collection, some pieces to celebrate an event, baptism, birth, birthday, most collectible pieces to wear for the little ones. Leather bracelets with candy colors for girls and boys aged 6 to 12 years, just to be the most fashion on the beaches this summer!

Jewellery workshop

You want to entrust your Tahitian Pearls jewelry repair to professionals of the Pearl, we are at your service to perform your repair or assembly of your Pearls
Jewelry cleaning baths
Because your jewelry and your Pearls deserve the greatest care,
I created a line of care for your jewelry Pearls, Gold and Silver
Béatrice Brothier, gemmologist and Poemotu fondator
free 4 coasters
free 4 coasters for any order without minimum amount
10 cm diameter
card board coasters
the gift does not appear in your cart?
don't worry it will be automatically be put in your package!
provide and weld a 925 silver rod
2-3 weeks to make your repair by the jeweler
the Pearl is pierced if necessary to remove the broken stem a rod is supplied and welded to the ring body the ring body is rhodium and polished the Pearl is fixed, pierced glued on the ring body
the rod is in 925 silver
Pearls Ressourcing Bath
send in 2 days

Natural and cultured pearl cleansing bath
essential to maintain your Pearls
use : Place the Pearls in the basket.
Stir gently for 1 to 2 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
For a Pearl Necklace to dry flat.
capacity 170ml
Made in France
Tahitian Pearl sterling silver turtle pendant
send in 2 days
Turtle pendant Silver Tahitian Pearl
Tahitian Pearl Round
diameter of the Tahitian Pearl : 8/9mm or 9/10mm
color of the Tahitian Pearl : peacock, green, egg plant or light grey
surface quality of Tahitian Pearl : AA
very beautiful luster
turtle dimension : 35,00mm - 25,00mm
Silver pendant of 3.80gr
send in 2 days
Tahitian Pearl Round
diameter of the Tahitian Pearl : 9 / 10mm
surface quality of Tahitian Pearl : AAA
color of the Tahitian Pearl : peacock, eggplant or grey
very beautiful luster
weight 18K gold about 8.85gr
total eigth 39.1 mm without bail 29.2 mm
Gift* Pearls 20ml Ressourcing Bath
send in 2 days

*OFFERED for 100,00€ and more of purchase

Natural and cultured pearl cleansing bath
essential to maintain your Pearls

use :
Pour a little product onto the Pearls.
Stir gently for 1 to 2 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
For a Pearl Necklace to dry flat.
capacity 20ml
Made in France

offer not available with jewelry on promotion
2023 Advent Tahitian Calendar
sent in 2 days
Experience wonder with the 2023 Poemotu Advent Calendar! Discover Polynesian-inspired treasures, enchanting fragrances and exotic flavors every day.
But that's not all - An exquisite piece of jewerly awaits you in version 2!
Let yourself be carried away by sensory escape in luxurious packaging. 
Last items in stock
Tahitian pearl ring
round tahitian pearl
11,57mm diameter tahitian pearl
tahitian pearl color : pistachio
A quality tahitian pearl
Silver ring 3.70g
send in 4 days
pendant Tahitian Pearl
 Tahitian Pearls Round
diameter Tahitian Pearls choice : 8/9mm 
color Tahitian Pearls : peacock green...
surface quality of Tahitian Pearls : AA
very beautiful luster
solid Silver weight of 2.55gr
high : 30,00mm
choice our chains for your pendant
Certificate from the Pearl of Tahiti
Tahitian drop pearls 18K gold chocker
send in 3 days
Tahitian Pearls necklace
Tahitian Pearls Pears baroque
diameter Tahitian Pearls : 8/9mm
color Tahitian Pearls : clear shade, dark shade or various colors
surface quality of Tahitian Pearls : AA
very beautiful luster
925 silver, 18K yellow or white gold clasp 1.00gr
Tahitian Pearl Certificate
40cm, 42cm, 45cm, 48cm or 50cm longer
BORA-BORA box Poemotu
sent in 2 days
Discover our BORA-BORA box. We are proud to offer you this "Poemotu box",  specially designed to transport you to the tropical paradise of Polynesia.
Let yourself be carried away by sensory escape in luxurious packaging.