About Poemotu

Poemotu Limited Company with capital of 30000€
Registered trademark at Inpi since 2009 under number 093688658
Registered at the Registry of the Court of Nantes (France) under the number RCS Nantes B 900282336
SIREN 900282336 - SIRET 90028233600016
Intra-Community VAT number FR69900282336
Retail sale of jewellery in e-commerce
Declaration to French customs and authorization to trade in precious metals
Exclusive origin of Tuamotu-Gambier in French Polynesia of all Tahitian pearls sold
GIA International certificate issued with each piece of jewellery
5 Jewelers from Metropolitan France or Tahiti

Welcome, Maeva, on the e-shop of Poemotu, where the excellence of French jewelry meets the splendor of the pearls of Tahiti. At Poemotu, each piece of jewelry is a celebration of the French craftsmanship and craftsmanship of metropolis and Tahiti, a tribute to the captivating beauty of real Tahitian pearls, renowned for their luster, size and captivating colors.

Poemotu is a company in Limited Company with share capital of 30000 €, registered at the Registry of the Court of Nantes whose SIRET number 90028233600016 and the intra-Community VAT number FR69900282336 guarantee you the authorization and the conformity with the French customs services of its authorization to market jewels in gold 18 carats and 925 silver jewelry.

Created in 2008, as a sole proprietorship, we took the big step towards the entrepreneurial world committed by creating the Limited Company Poemotu in 2021. the company Poemotu combines the expertise of the pearl of Tahiti and the creation of high-end jewelry; surrounded by professionals of the jewelry-jewelry and competent providers, Poemotu guarantees the quality of the products and services offered;

Poemotu is a registered jewelry brand and also custom creations under the imprint Béatrice Brothier Creations. Each jewel is sold with its certificate of origin and authenticity of the pearl of Tahiti, guaranteeing traceability and increasing the value of your jewel.

Only intermediary between customers and pearl farms, Poemotu makes sure to offer the most beautiful pearls of the Pacific at a fair price to its customers and a purchase price respecting the difficult work of pearl farmers; Poemotu offers for sale pearl rings, Pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and any other jewel mounted with cultured pearls of Tahiti representing only 2 to 8% of the production of a pearl farm, making each jewel a unique piece for the greatest satisfaction of its customers.

For each jewel off promotion or sale you can, by a simple message attached to your order, choose a color of Tahitian Pearl different from that presented on the product sheet between Peacock (color representing the plumage of the peacock), green or gray.

 Do not hesitate! Exchanges, credits or refunds are possible and easy at Poemotu!

A technical question, a doubt on the choice of the jewel, Béatrice Brothier, gemologist founder of Poemotu, answers your questions by phone at ( mobile phone to be reachable even during his travels), at the office at 0988362887 or within 48 hours at contact@poemotu.com.

Our expertise in French jewelry

With a know-how of 5 French jewelers from France and French Polynesia, Poemotu is distinguished by a remarkable mastery of the art of jewelry.

Specializing in Tahitian pearls, we combine tradition and innovation to create pieces that combine timeless elegance and contemporary design. Each jewel is carefully crafted in our workshops, guaranteeing uncompromising quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Jewellery collections: a world of elegance

Our e-shop offers a varied range of Tahitian pearl jewelry, designed to sublimate every moment of your life:

Tahitian pearl bracelets: discover delicate creations that drape the wrist with refined elegance.

Tahitian pearl necklaces: let yourself be seduced by our necklaces, master pieces that captivate with their beauty and brilliance.

Tahitian pearl earrings: express your personality with our selection of earrings, combining grace and sophistication.

Tahitian pearl pendants: find the perfect pendant, a unique symbol of refinement to wear near the heart.

Tahitian pearl rings: our rings, true works of art, are the reflection of the love and care given to their creation.

Tikis and engraved pearl jewelry: the spirit of Polynesia

Our collection is also rich in tikis and engraved Tahitian pearl jewelry, emblematic pieces that embody the spirit and culture of Polynesia.

These unique creations, where each detail tells a story, are the result of a dialogue between the Polynesian tradition and the elegance of French jewelry.

Dream with Poemotu

Invite the magic of tahitian cultured pearls into your daily life with Poemotu.

Our e-shop is your gateway to a world where the luxury and beauty of Tahitian pearl jewelry transport you to a daydream. Whether you are looking for a jewel to celebrate a special moment or to add a touch of sparkle to your daily life, you will find at Poemotu the perfect piece, symbol of refinement and distinction.

The Tahitian Pearls, true jewels of the Pacific, are distinguished by their unique brilliance and their bewitching color palette. These cultured pearls, born from the crystalline waters of French Polynesia, embody not only exceptional natural beauty but also an ancestral pearl tradition. The profession of pearl farmer, essential to the creation of these precious pearls, is a know-how that is transmitted from generation to generation, reflecting the harmony between man and his marine environment.

French Polynesia, the birthplace of Tahitian pearls, offers ideal conditions for pearl cultivation. Lagoons rich in trace elements and metal salts promote the development of spectacular colors, ranging from silver gray to emerald green, through shades of deep blue and eggplant. These pearls are the result of a delicate and precise process, starting with the careful selection of pearl oysters, Pinctada Margaritifera, which will then be delicately grafted by pearl farmers.

Pearl farmers, true craftsmen of the sea, play a crucial role in the life cycle of the pearl. Their work begins with the care given to each oyster, from grafting to pearl harvest, at least 18 months later. This crucial step requires patience, precision and a deep respect for the marine environment, ensuring the production of pearls of the highest quality. The Tahitian Pearls are then classified according to strict criteria of shape, size, surface quality and color, thus guaranteeing their exceptional value.

At Poemotu, we are proud to contribute to the preservation of this tradition, by offering our customers Tahitian pearl jewelry of unparalleled beauty. Our beaded jewelry collections celebrate the diversity and richness of the colors of these beads, combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs. Each pearl is selected for its unique beauty, reflecting the spirit of Polynesia and the passion of pearl farmers for their craft.

The Pearl of Tahiti is more than a jewel it is a symbol of the cultural and natural richness of French Polynesia. By choosing a pearl from Poemotu, you appropriate a piece of this heritage, while supporting a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry. Discover our collection of Tahitian cultured pearl jewelry and let yourself be seduced by the timeless charm of Tahitian pearls.

Poemotu: The choice of excellence

In the manufacture of our necklaces and bracelets in Tahitian pearl at Poemotu, we pay special attention to the choice of leathers, rigorously selected for their flexibility and resistance. These qualities are essential to ensure the durability and comfort of our jewelry. We opt for classic and popular shades such as brown and black, which blend harmoniously with the natural shine of Tahitian pearls.

Each jewel in our collection is an ode to beauty and excellence, which is why we use exclusively 925 rhodium silver or 18 carat gold for the assembly of our Tahitian pearl jewelry. These precious metals are not only chosen for their timeless aesthetics but also for their impeccable quality. Silver rhodium plating ensures a more durable finish and optimal resistance to tarnishing, highlighting the splendor of Tahitian pearls.

Our jewellery is the result of a constant search for high-quality materials, combining the elegance of design with the perfection of nature. Each pearl is selected for its luster, color and uniqueness, making each piece an invaluable treasure. At Poemotu, we believe in the beauty of natural materials and precious metals, used to create jewelry that celebrates the richness of French Polynesia and the magnificence of its cultured pearls.

At Poemotu we are sure that you choose excellence by buying a jewel in pearls of Tahiti on our e-shop:

Discover the Poemotu universe, your privileged destination for Tahitian pearl jewelry of exceptional quality. Specializing in the creation of unique pieces, we offer an exclusive collection of jewelry highlighting the splendor and authenticity of Tahitian pearls. Our creations are designed to sublimate every moment of your life, thanks to the timeless elegance and mysterious beauty of these Pacific gems.

At Poemotu, we rigorously select our Tahitian pearls according to the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) classification, thus guaranteeing their exceptional luster, color and shape. Each jewel is a tribute to the richness of French Polynesia, offering shades of colors ranging from classic gray to mesmerizing emerald green, through sublime peacock shades and shapes ranging from the perfect round to captivating baroque , passing through the semi-round otherwise called oval, the pear , also known as drop or drop and the semi-baroque sometimes called circled.

Our necklaces and bracelets are assembled with the utmost care, using high quality leathers for their flexibility and resistance, available in elegant colors such as brown, black, blue, red or also havana. The frames are exclusively in rhodium silver or 18 carat gold called 750/00 gold in European regulations, ensuring a finish of the highest quality and unparalleled durability.

Poemotu is committed to offering jewelry in Tahitian pearls that are not only fashion accessories, but real works of art. each pearl tells a story, that of a mysterious ocean and a rich culture, making each piece a treasure to treasure.

For those looking to stand out with elegance, Poemotu jewelry is a promise of quality, beauty and authenticity. Visit our website to discover our collection and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Tahitian pearls, symbols of natural perfection and exoticism. At Poemotu, each piece of jewelry is an invitation to celebrate the beauty and singurality of Tahitian pearls, making us your favorite choice for jewelry that marks minds and hearts.

Poemotu, more than a brand, is the heart of a family history woven with love and passion for the pearls of Tahiti and the cultural richness of Polynesia. Founded in 2008 by a woman fascinated by the enchanting world of pearl, our company has seen its flame and heritage continue and enrich itself with the arrival of her daughter in 2021. Together, we form a dynamic team, driven by a common passion and a commitment to the excellence of our profession.

At Poemotu, every day is a new adventure where the joy of creating pearl jewelry, the seriousness in our selection process and the rigor in the quality of our Tahitian pearl jewelry blend harmoniously. Our priority? The pleasure of the customer experience. We are convinced that behind each pearl jewel hides a story, a moment of life that we have the honor to embellish.

Our work, although serious and demanding, takes place in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. We share this Tahitian atmosphere with you, our customers, through every interaction. Even remotely, our goal is to make you feel the warmth and proximity of a neighborhood jewelry store. Our secret? A human and authentic closeness to each one of you, made possible by attentive listening and a real will to offer you the best.

We invite you to discover the testimonials and rave reviews left by our loyal community on Google. They reflect the very essence of Poemotu: a company where humanity and proximity are true commitments, our philosophy and the reality of our daily lives. These positive feedback are proof of the quality of our Tahitian pearl jewelry and also of the relationship of trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Your experience at Poemotu is real and unique because, for us, every customer is unique. We are committed to accompany you in the choice of your jewel in pearls of Tahiti, as if you crossed the door of our jewelery. Let yourself be seduced by our universe, where passion for pearl, family know-how and excellence in customer service come together to create more than just a purchase: a real experience.

Poemotu is not just a company; it is a family that opens its doors to you with enthusiasm and sincerity. Welcome to our world, where each jewel is a love story between Polynesia and you.

Poemotu is a limited company with share capital of 30000 €, registered at the Registry of the Court of Nantes whose SIRET number 90028233600016 and the intra-Community VAT number FR69900282336 guarantee the authorization and compliance with the French customs services of its authorization to market jewels in gold 18 carats and 925 silver jewelry.

 Do not hesitate! Exchanges, credits or refunds are possible and easy at Poemotu!

A technical question, a doubt on the choice of the jewel, Béatrice Brothier, gemologist founder of POEMOTU, answers your questions by phone at ( mobile phone to be reachable even during his travels), at the office at 0988362887 or within 48 hours at contact@poemotu.com.