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Beautiful Pink and Blue Grey Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

Discover the subtle radiance of our Tahitian Pearl bracelet, a distinguished piece that blends the delicate champagne and gray hues. Each carefully selected pearl adds a layer of mystery and elegance, reflecting the depths of Polynesian seas. The silver buoy clasp not only adds a touch of sophistication but also symbolizes the enduring connection we share with natural beauty.

This bracelet perfectly harmonizes nature and craftsmanship, making it a statement piece for those who value distinction and uniqueness.


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Semi-Baroque Tahitian Pearl Bracelet – Shades of Champagne and Grey

Celebrate natural elegance with our exclusive Tahitian pearl bracelet, a marvel of the Poemotu luxury jewelry collection. Each pearl has been carefully selected for its unique beauty and captivating expression of the hidden treasures of the oceans.

Exquisite Design

This bracelet is composed of 14 semi-baroque Tahitian pearls, with varying diameters from 9.15 mm to 10.37 mm, which creates a dynamic and captivating visual aspect. These precious pearls weigh in total about 20 grams, attesting to their quality and substance.

Bewitching Palette of Colours

The pearls feature sophisticated colors of champagne and grey, with subtle blue and pink reflections that add a dimension of mystery and depth. This color combination makes this Tahitian pearl bracelet not only a fashion accessory but also a work of art.

Quality and Brilliance

The surface of each bead is circled, offering an interesting texture and distinct visual features that testify to their natural origin. The beautiful lustre of these beads ensures that they capture and reflect light exceptionally, illuminating your wrist with every movement.

Fine Fitting

The beads are carefully mounted on a double silk thread, with a knotted thread between each bead to ensure their safety and maintain perfect spacing. This traditional method of threading not only protects each bead, but also accentuates their graceful arrangement.

Elegant clasp

The bracelet is secured with a 10.00 mm rhodium plated 925/00 silver ring clasp, adding a touch of refinement while facilitating its use. Rhodium-plated silver provides long-lasting shine and increased resistance to tarnish, thus perfectly complementing the sparkle of the pearls.

Invitation to Discovery

Discover the magic of Tahitian pearls with this splendid bracelet, perfect for those looking to incorporate an element of natural luxury and discreet shine into their jewelry collection. Adopt this exclusive creation and enrich your wardrobe with a jewel that is both a symbol of grace and a tribute to the beauty of the oceans.

 Comes in its box, Certificate of origin and authenticity of the Pearl guaranteed cultured Pearls of TAHITI from the best origin, the Tuamotu-Gambier.

Comes with Certificate of origin and authenticity of the tahitian cultured Pearl

Certificate of authenticity and origin of the Tahitian pearl, the Tuamotu-Gambier origin. (* classification Gemmological Institute of America)

 GIA Classification of Tahitian cultured pearls


Round: Tahitian Pearl supporting only 2% maximum variation of its diameter.
Semi-Round (Or Oval) spherical Tahitian cultured pearl with a variation in diameter between 2 and 5%.
Semi-Baroque: Tahitian cultured pearl teardrop or button. The diameter varies more than 5%, however, having an axis of symmetry.
Baroque: Tahitian Pearl no definite shape (irregular) that offers no axis of symmetry and which do not fall within the categories listed above.
Circled: Tahitian cultured Pearls having one or more concentric circles, which can be found on the oval or semi-baroque pearls

The surface quality criterion is evaluated according to the combination of three physical parameters: the state of the surface, luster and orient. The quality is assessed by the naked eye.
The surface condition is evaluated according to various criteria, inclusions, streaks, organic deposits, crimps, grooves, depressions, bumps, protrusions or milky tasks of depigmentation.
The chandelier is the more or less perfect reflection of light on the surface of the Tahitian Pearl. It depends on the regularity of the thickness and arrangement of pearl layers.
A beautiful luster corresponds to a total reflection of light, giving a mirror effect. A Tahitian Pearl without luster will have a matte appearance.
The luster's heart, it is the color that comes from the Tahitian Pearl; it is obtained by putting the pearl inside a white container that does not reflect light on its surface, the Tahitian Pearl reveals other colors than those visible at first glance; it is often a sign of unprecedented intense emotion, the holder of the Tahitian Pearl discovering at that time one or more new shades.
The quality of the surface of Tahitian cultured pearls according to the Gemological Institute of America is written well (for the classification of the Tahitian cultured pearl according to Tahiti and French regulations, the AAA corresponds to A, AA to B and A to C, no D corresponding to the GIA, evaluation nuances allowing them landing):
TOP GEM: Tahitian pearl and representing no imperfection with a excellent gloss
AAA Category: Tahitian pearl having at most one imperfection or a group of slight imperfections concentrated on 10% of its surface. Chandelier excellent or beautiful luster.
AA Category: pearl with slight imperfections concentrated on a maximum of 30% of its surface. Beautiful sheen or luster.
A Category: pearl with slight imperfections concentrated on a maximum 60% of its surface. Beautiful chandelier.

(Category D Classification Tahiti): Tahitian cultured pearls have: - either slight imperfections over more than 60% of the surface without deep imperfections or slight and deep imperfections concentrated on not more than 60% of its surface. without gloss.


It is measured in foot backstage by the diameter (in the width direction for Semi-Baroque)

They range from 7mm to 22mm... These are purely exceptional
Most are sold on average 9 / 10mm
From 12 mm are the rarest and are the fruit of a second graft carrier nacre
The Tahitian Pearls over 15 mm are exceptional, and whether they are round, rare color or flawless, they will be most coveted by fans of the Tahitian Pearl bewitching.

We identify around 300 Tahitian Pearls shades
We work with four color themes
Greys, Pastels, Brights and Peacocks (to which so many shades provide an infinite range of colors changes)
We would like you to discover our wonderful shades ! POEMOTU's Tahitian pearls range from colorful Peacock, Pink Pacific Sunset, Aubergine to Black shades for all tastes!
But one thing is sure, we strive to get you the most beautiful color in its category and more in line with your expectations.

These colors are natural, and vary according to the original graft made at the same time as the nucleus but also by farming or lagoon, the Tahitian Pearls sold at POEMOTU all come from Tuamotu-Gambier lagoons which are the richest in trace elements and other metal salts to get you the most beautiful colors.
The Tahitian Pearls with brighter colors are more expensive in their category for one simple reason: to get a Tahitian Pearl of that color, the grafter must fix the graft as close as possible to the edge of the pearl and the higher exposure and risky this future Tahitian Pearl makes it all the more rare and exceptional round when spring without some inclusions.
We chose to use POEMOTU classification GIA (Gemmologocal Institute of America) to market our Tahitian pearls because we sell Tahitian pearls worldwide, we do so to be read by the greatest number.

NB: Mythically called black pearl, name comes from the pearl oyster Pinctada Margaritifera with black lips in which it is cultivated, the tahitian pearl  is a cultured pearl classified as the most diversified in terms of colors.

Jewel type
Jewel metal
925 sterling silver
Silver hallmark
Yes - 925 sterling silver
14 Tahitian pearls
Pearl shape
Pearl color
Champagne and grey
Pearl luster
Very shiny very beautiful luster
Pearl diameter (mm)
From 9,15 to 10,37
Pearl quality
Clasp type
Spring ring
GIA certificate
Delivered in eco-friendly jewerly box and satin pouch
Tahitian pearl descriptive and maintenance pamphlet
Jewel's contractual pictures
Bracelet size (cm)
Poemotu Google Reviews
  • "The jewelry is absolutely beautiful and of exceptional quality." - Josephine
  • "My Tahitian pearl necklace is a true treasure, thank you Poemotu." - Warren
  • "I gifted my wife a Tahitian pearl bracelet for our anniversary and she loves it." - Jack
  • "I found the perfect gift for my mother and she is thrilled." - Tatiana
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