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13,72mm Peacock Tahitian Pearl Men's Necklace
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A very original mesh constitutes this necklace in brushed solid silver and real Tahitian pearl. And what about this pearl of 9 years of cultivation! Its impressive diameter of nearly 14mm makes it an imposing and robust jewel. The peacock color with blue reflection gives it all its character.
The necklace of 53 centimeters in length completes the originality and the racy side of this Tahitian pearl men necklace of sterling silver 24 grams.
The photos are contractuals, they are taken under natural outdoor light, from different angles to show you how light can act on the color of this rare pearl.
3 Tahitian Pearl Shamballa Bracelet
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Tahitian pearl shamballa bracelet
3 Tahitian pearl baroque
9,21mm - 9,71mm - 10,02mm diameters
Tahitian pearl color : light grey and green
Very beautiful luster
Black nylon
Steel detail
For wrists from 18 to 21cms
8,50mm Blue Tahitian Pearl Turtle Pendant
Discover the timeless elegance of a silver pendant adorned with a blue eggplant Tahitian pearl, elevated by the grace of a turtle, symbolizing wisdom and travel. 
This turtle pendant in real cultured pearl from Tahiti of blue and pink color is a real opportunity to acquire such a beautiful pendant at this price. Thanks to its semi-baroque shape it is placed in very interesting price, the Tahitian pearl seen from the front appears round, its brillant luster makes redound the blue lagoon and it is a prism of intense colors sublimated by the rhodium sterling silver that expresses itself.
The photos are contractual, guaranteeing you to receive exactly the jewel presented.
all the information about this Tahitian pearl turtle pendant are to be discovered in the data sheet.
9,90mm green Tahitian pearl silver turtle pendant
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Discover the timeless elegance of a silver pendant, adorned with a green Tahitian pearl, sublimated by the grace of a turtle, symbol of wisdom and travel. The turtle pendant and its real Tahitian pearl that we offer is a unique piece. The color of the pearl of an intense pistachio green is highlighted by the rhodium silver of the turtle, its diameter close to 10mm makes it a Tahitian pearl with a bright luster.
The photos are contractual and taken outdoors under natural light, photographed from different angles, the pendant reveals its always incredible radiation regardless of its exposure.
Find the details of this pendant turtle man and cultured pearl from Tahiti in the data sheet.
Amana - Cotton Necklace Tahitian Copra Dolphin Tail
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This brown cotton necklace, adorned with a silver dolphin tail pendant, is enhanced with copra, evoking the richness of the islands. An exotic fusion of natural materials and maritime style, embodying adventure and tropical elegance.
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Anui - Leather necklace Abalone Nacre Dolphin Tail
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This whisky color leather necklace, adorned with a silver dolphin tail pendant, epitomizes the perfect blend of earthly elegance and marine majesty. Abalone mother-of-pearl enchants every detail, adding a touch of refined exoticism to this artisanal piece.
More information in the data sheet below
Big 11/12 mm Tahitian Cultured Pearl Necklace
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Discover this necklace in real Tahitian pearls that will sublimate your elegance. Composed of 11/12mm grey Tahiti cultured pearls, this 45 cm long necklace is a treasure of the Pacific Ocean at an exceptional price.
Each cultured pearl from Tahiti, with its medium lustre and unique variations tells a story of the natural and raw beauty of the oceans.
Classified as D surface according to Papeete standards, the beads of this necklace have grooves, curls and inclusions that testify to their authenticity and uniqueness. These features add a distinctive charm making this necklace a one of a kind piece.
Find the details in description and in the technical sheet
Contract photos.
Black Obsidian Stone and Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
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Black Obsidian Stone and Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Obsidian stone : this natural stone, known for its protective and clarifying properties, offers a shield against negative energies and promotes mental clarity.
Ideal for shooting the mind, it also encourages introspection and deep meditation.
The Tahitian pearl is also recognized for promoting emotional healing, bringing balance and enhancing intuition. It is also associated with feminity, motherhood and protection.
Each stone bracelet is designed to harmonize physical well-being and inner serenity, inviting you to discover a piece of jewelry that not only beautifies but truly enrichies your personal journey.