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0,07 carat diamond white 18K gold ring
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the weight of 18K  gold is 1,28 grams
total 0,07carat diamond
quality of diamond GH-SI
GH garantees you white diamonds
SI stands for Slighty Included, inclusions are invisible to the naked eye and visible with a magnifying glass X 1
size 54
the diamonds send by Poemotu were purchased from legitimate companies not involved in the financing of armed conflicts in accordance with the United Nations and French laws.
We guarantee that diamonds sold here do not contribute to the financing of armed conflict and respect  the guidelines of the WDC So
3 Tahitian pearls 18K yellow gold necklace
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Picture a splendid gold necklace, a radiance treasure adorned with three mystically beautiful Tahitian pearls. A blue pearl, resembling a endless sea, a green pearl, evoking the lushness of tropical islands and an aubergine pearl, deep and enchanting light a tropical twilight. Together, they create a symphony of colors and dreams, a jewel that transports you to the enchanting shores of Polinesia. 
5 tahitian pearl sterling silver necklace
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A bouquet of Tahiti pearls coming elegantly to enhance your skin, giving the ultimate touch of elegance to your outfit
5 rounds Tahiti pearls
colors : blue pink, green, sunny earth, lime green, blue green
excellent lustrous
diameters : 9,68mm to 10,72mm
surface quality : AA/AAA
weight silver : 7,00 grams
dimensions : 7,50cm X 0,40 cm
weight sterling silver piece 
length : 40,00cm - 42,00cm
cat medal
send in 4 days without engraving or 2 weeks with engraving
tahitian pearl baroque
colour : clear shade or dark shade 
beautiful luster
diameter : 7/8mm
surface quality : A (few inclusions)
diameter dog : 25,00mm X 35,00mm
hall dimensions : 35,00mm X 35,00m
Cufflinks Tahitian Pearls
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2 Tahitian Pearls Round adorn with elegant white shirt
2 Tahitian Pearls Round
Pearl diameter: 9,02mm
Pearl quality: AAA
Pearl color: peacock
very beautiful luster
Cufflinks Silver 925/00
Silver Weight: 4.50 grams
length of the cuff about 3 centimeters