Tahitian Pearl and Stone Jewels

Embark on a journey to the heart of energies with our jewelry collection, where the Tahitian pearl or freshwater pearl blends with fine stones known for their lithotherapeutic virtues.

This unique collection combines the serenity and beauty of pearls with the power of stones such as spinelle, tiger's eye, labradorite,obsidian,and lapis lazuli, creating pieces that are not just fashion accessories, but true personal talismans.

The Tahitian pearl, with its captivating hues, is also recognized for promoting emotional healing, bringing balance and strengthening intuition. It is also associated with feminity, motherhood and protection.

Lapis lazuli, known for its deep blue, promotes communication and self-expression while soothing stress.

Tiger's eye, a protective stone, brings courage and confidence, while warding off negative energies, enhancing personal appeal and charm.

Spinelle encourages love and well-being, supporting trust and fidelity.

Obsidian, meanwhile, is a stone of protection and clarity, calming the mind and encouraging introspection.

Each piece in this collection is designed to offer a perfect balance between the natural energies of the stones and the gentleness of the pearls, providing a beneficial synergy for the well-being of the wearer.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of these unique creations and find the piece that resonates with your soul.



Découvrez notre collection exclusive de bracelets perles de Tahiti ou perles d'eau douce et amazonite, une fusion élégante entre la majesté des océans et la sérénité de la nature.

Les perles de Tahiti symbolisent la sagesse acquise à travers l'expérience, une force tranquille évoquant la majesté et les mystères des eaux du Pacifique.

L'amazonite, pierre de vérité et d'harmonie, est quant à elle célébrée pour ses vertus lithothérapeutiques remarquables. Cette gemme fascinante, aux nuances de vert apaisantes, est reconnue pour sa capacité à apaiser le système nerveux, favorisant ainsi la détente et la diminution du stress.

L'amazonite encourage la communication sincère et facilite l'expression personnelle en dissipant les énergies négatives et les blocages au sein du chakra de la gorge.

Dans la lithothérapie, l'amazonite est également connue pour renforcer la confiance en soi et favoriser l'équilibre émotionnel. Elle aide à voir les deux côtés d'un problème ou les différents points de vue, favorisant l'empathie et la compassion. De plus, cette pierre fine stimule l'intuition et la créativité, offrant une inspiration nouvelle pour ceux qui la portent.

Nos bracelets combinent ces deux éléments puissants dans un design unique, offrant non seulement un accessoire des ode distingué et aussi un outil de bien-être profond.

Chaque bracelet est conçu pour harmoniser l'énergie de celui qui le porte, en alignant les vertus apaisantes de l'amazonite avec la force tranquille des perles de tahiti.


Discover our elegant collection of bracelets adorned with Tahitian pearls or freshwater pearls and apatite, a stone known for boosting creativity, inspiration and motivation.

Apatite known in lithotherapy for its soothing and energizing virtues, also enhances communication and open-mindedness.

Each bracelet combines the natural beauty of pearls with the captivating color of apatite, offering a unique piece that not only adorns but also aims to enrich the wearer's well-being.

Lapis Lazuli

Dive into the heart of our jewelry collection where the Tahitian pearl meets lapis lazuli, each piece a celebration of natural beauty and spiritual well-being.

The Tahitian pearl, with its deep luster and multiple hues, is renowned for promoting inner harmony, emotional healing and strengthening intuition. It is also associated with feminity and protection, providing a secure grounding for those who wear it.

The lapis lazuli, the ultimate celestial stone, is known for its deep blue color. It opens the doors to wisdom, encourages the quest for truth, creativity, mental clarity and authenticity, while offering powerful protection against negative energies.

The fusion of pearl and lapis lazuli creates a perfect balance between the energies of water and sky, between emotion and intellect, intuition and wisdom.

Each piece of jewelry is an invitation to explore these complementary dimensions of our being, in a quest for harmony and fulfillment.


Discover our exclusive collection of Tahitian or freshwater pearl bracelets with obsidian, perfectly blending the softness of pearls with the protective power of obsidian.

This stone is known for its protective virtues and clarity, offering a shield against negative energies and promoting mental clarity.

Ideal for calming the mind, it also encourages introspection and deep meditation.

Each bracelet is crafted to harmonize physical well-being and inner serenity, inviting you to discover not just an ornament, but a meaningful addition to your personal journey.

Lava stone

Discover our exclusive collection of Tahitian pearls or freshwater pearls bracelets, magnified by the addition of lava stones.

Symbolizing renewal and inner strength, the lava stone, born from the depths of the Earth, is recognized for its virtues in lithotherapy.

It acts as a deep anchor, promoting emotional and physical stability, it also stimulates regeneration, helping to overcome difficult times with resilience and courage.

Combined with pearls, it creates a piece of jewelry of exceptional beauty and power, intended for those who seek to harmonize their energy and enhance their well-being.

Smoky quartz

Discover the perfect harmony between natural elegance and spiritual well-being.

The Tahitian pearl, with its captivating hues, is also recognized for promoting emotional healing, bringing balance and strengthening intuition. It is also associated with feminity, motherhood and protection.

The smoky quartz, on the other hand, is a stone of great strength. Its earth-like color grounds the wearer in stability and reality. Renowned for its protective virtues, this quartz is a powerful stress dissipater, helping to overcome difficult moments and lighten emotional burdens. It encourages concentration and helps to combat fear, bringing clarity of mind and serenity.

The contrast between the soft light of the pearl and the tones of the smoky quartz creates a visually captivating alliance, while their combined energetic properties offer a perfect balance between Heaven and Hearth.


We are proud to present our jewelry collection where the Tahitian pearl is paired with the timeless elegance of the sapphire.

The Tahitian pearl, known for its brillant luster and varied hues, is recognized for bringing peace and well-being, promoting emotional and spiritual balance. a symbol of purity and wisdom, it is also celebrated for its ability to strengthen intuition and offer protection.

As for the sapphire, this precious stone is not only admired for its deep blue beauty and captivating sparkles. Its chemical formula, AI2O3 (aluminium oxide), reveals the purity and robustness of this precious gem. The sapphire ranks among the four major precious stones, alongside diamond, ruby and emerald, holding a place of honor in the world of jewelry and lithotherapy.

The sapphire is recognized for its ability to bring wisdom and clarity of mind, to stimulate concentration, and to promote the search for truth.

It is also considered a powerful protector against negativity, helping to purify the mind and open up to spirituality.

Our Tahitian pearl and sapphire collection celebrates these two forces of nature, offering a perfect balance between the gentleness of the sea and the depth of the sky.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of these natural treasures, united in a collection that promises not only to beautify but also to enrich your spiritual journey.


Our collection of Tahitian or freshwater pearl bracelets and spinel stones is designed for well-being, combining the serene beauty and colors (recalling the 7 chakras) of pearls with the energizing properties of spinel.

Known for boosting physical strength and offering protection, spinel enhances confidence and fidelity, making these bracelets not just fashion statements but personal talismans. Dive into a world where jewelry meets wellness, and discover a piece that resonates with your spirit.


Let yourself be seduced by this collection that promises to envelop you in an aura of natural beauty and deep serenity.

The Tahitian pearl, with its mysterious reflections ranging from anthracite gray to pistachio green, is not just a treasure from the ocean, it is also known for its soothing and balancing virtues. It symbolizes the wisdom gained through experience and is said to promote emotional harmony and personal growth.

Turquoise, with its magnificent sky blue to blue-green color, is a fine stone whose beauty is enhanced by its natural veins. Its chemical formula, CuAI6(PO4)4(OH)8.4H20, highlights its unique composition, rich in cooper and aluminium, giving this gem its characteristic colors.

Considered since antiquity as a talisman of protection, turquoise is also recognized for its healing properties. It is said to bring calm and serenity to the mind, while promoting communication, personal expression and clarity of thought.

Fresh water pearl and apatite bracelet
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Freshwater Pearl and Apatites Bracelet with Rhodium Silver Clasp
Discover the softness and serenity embodied in our elegant freshwater pearl bracelet, combining a delicate freshwater pearl with luminous apatite stones, complemented by a rhodium silver clasp. This adjustable natural stone bracelet is an ideal gift to convey love and kindness, or simply to add a touch of personal care to your daily life.
All the information about this elegant freshwater pearl bracelet and apatite in the description of the jewel and the data sheet.
The photos are taken in natural light from different angles to give you the reality of this freshwater pearl bracelet.
Larimar - Real Tahitian Pearl Rhodium Silver Bangle
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In limited edition, the bracelet evokes great resistance, longevity and richness. A real Tahitian pearl of a rare shade of grey with a eggplant reflection will remind you of the mythical sunset of Polynesia, its quality of circled in selection is one of the most sought-after Tahitian pearls in its category. A Poemotu creation that you will not find anywhere else, be unique and affirm your taste for a high quality artisanal jewel, the Tahitian pearl recognized for its soothing virtues will make it a beneficial bracelet par excellence.
The Tahitian pearl enthroned on the rush brings a feminine and elegant touch.
Find the details of this Larimar bracelet in the data sheet.
Green Tahitian Pearl Men's Bracelet - White Howlite
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Discover the bracelet in real

Discover the bracelet in real cultured pearl of Tahiti and white howlites for men. Two gems that combine for perfect harmony and soothing symbols according to lithotherapy.

The howlite beads of 10 millimeters in diameter make it a bracelet man noticed, the pearl of Tahiti approaching 10mm comes to nest elegantly bringing this touch of color making radiate this bracelet in pearls.

The photos taken in natural light give you the best rendering and we invite you to discover the details on this bracelet man of pearls in the technical sheet for more information.
Amaury - Real Tahitian Pearl Men's Bracelet
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Discover the bracelet obsidian and real pearl of Tahiti, a perfect fusion between the majestic pearl of Tahiti oval and the gems imprinted with mystery that are obsidian. At the heart of this piece, the Tahitian pearl, with a diameter of 9.31mm, sports a peacock color, a subtle blend of pink and green, symbol of the beauty of the Polynesian sunsets. Its beautiful lustre and circle surface quality make it a jewel of choice, reflecting excellence and purity.

More information about this bracelet in the description and the DATA SHEET
Engraving Tahitian Pearl and Jaspe Bracelet
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This bracelet embodies the perfect fusion of contemporary minimalism and the organic essence of the Tahitian pearl. The pearl, with its natural beauty and enchanting luster, is at the heart of this captivating piece of jewerly. Each Tahitian pearl is unique, bearing the delicate nuances of the Polynesian lagoon it was born in.
Grey 7,72mm Tahitian Pearl Rhodium Silver Bracelet
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Rhodium Silver Bracelet with Tahitian Pearl and Black Spinelles
Enhance your jewelry collection with our elegant genuine Tahitian pearl bracelet, featuring a beautiful Tahitian pearl accompanied by black spinels. This pearl bracelet combines luxury and mysticism, offering a perfect accessory for any occasion.
This beneficial bracelet is carefully designed with 925/00 rhodium silver, known for its long-lasting shine and tarnish resistance. It features a 7.72mm diameter round Tahitian pearl, renowned for its exceptional luster and deep gray color. The AA surface quality of the pearl ensures a finish with very few imperfections, highlighting its natural beauty.
Contract photos taken in natural light.
Green Tahitian Pearl Bracelet for Man - Obesdian
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The bracelet of black obsidians and its real Tahitian pearl with a very bright luster and near round shape is presented to you in photos taken outdoors under natural light. This allows you to get the best insight into this Tahitian cultured pearl man bracelet.
This natural stone bracelet is perfect for the wrist of a man from 19 to 21 centimeters.
Discover the details of this cultured pearl man bracelet in the data sheet below.
Tahitian Cultured Circle Pearl Man Bracelet - Howlite
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At Poemotu we love all the Tahitian pearls that the mother-of-pearl oyster has long grown, secreting the nacre that will form this jewel for 18 to 24 months of cultivation. Sometimes, the manufacture of mother of pearl is done strangely and this real cultured pearl from Tahiti is the witness. A circle present on this cultured pearl has no mother of pearl, only the rest of its color offers very interesting bright reflections! This bracelet Tahitian pearl is therefore intended for the person who will appreciate its singularity, the price is very attractive to allow this authentic pearl of Tahiti to be adopted and loved at its true value!
The photos are contractual and you restore the color of the Tahitian pearl under an outdoor natural light.
The details in the data sheet.
Spinels real 8,83mm Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
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Rhodium Silver Bracelet with Black Spinels and Tahitian Pearl – Pink Pacific Sunset Edition
Let yourself be enchanted by our rhodium silver bracelet from the Poemotu collection, decorated with black spinels and a sublime Tahitian pearl. This exceptional piece is the perfect reflection of natural elegance combined with contemporary sophistication.
High Quality Design and Materials
This elegant bracelet is crafted from rhodium-plated 925/00 silver, chosen for its shine and tarnish resistance, ensuring lasting durability and shine. Framed by black spinels with intense reflections, the centerpiece of this bracelet is a semi-baroque Tahitian pearl.
The information on this pearl bracelet in description and technical sheet.
Photos taken in natural light.
Obsidian and Tahitian Pearl Bracelet - Peacock
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Black Obsidian Stone and Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Obsidian stone : this natural stone, known for its protective and clarifying properties, offers a shield against negative energies and promotes mental clarity.
The Tahitian pearl is also recognized for promoting emotional healing, bringing balance and enhancing intuition. It is also associated with feminity, motherhood and protection.
Each stone bracelet is designed to harmonize physical well-being and inner serenity, inviting you to discover a piece of jewelry that not only beautifies but truly enrichies your personal journey.
Howlite and Tahitian Pearl Bracelet - 9,79mm
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Discover the Quintessence of Elegance with the  Tahitian Pearl and Howlite Bracelet from Poemotu
Within our exclusive collection, the bracelet in real Tahitian Pearl and Howlite is distinguished by its subtle harmony and symbolic depth. Each gem is chosen for its unique virtues, creating a jewel not only of beauty, but of well-being and harmony.
all the information about this bracelet in description and DATA SHEET.